Thursday, May 04, 2006

Janis' Success Story, take 2

This is a follow-up to Janis' first story, originally published in Low Carb Central's Newsletter:

I read the article on your history and can truly relate, especially to the part where you talked about a HUGE bowl of popcorn instead of dinner. Girl... we were sisters in our past lives! I'm also the same in the approximate numbers of carbs and calories I can consume. I "say" I maintain at 40 carbs and 1450 calories but usually stop at 30-35, often less, since I take bites of some of the regular foods I make for my husband. It is tough to stay that low but like you I don't seem to have a problem and truly enjoy those things we can have these days without feeling guilty.

You may remember that you published my story in one of your newsletters. I have a follow-up for you. After all my years of fighting my genetics and trying to get my cholesterol down even more than I worried about my weight, you know I succeeded. Yesterday my husband and I went to Milwaukee Heart Scan for much dreaded heart scans. Because of my family genetics and many early and fatal heart attacks I had great concern about arterial plaque. Much to my surprise my results showed NO plaque what-so-ever. Because I'm still a smoker (shame on me) they said that is HIGHLY unusual at my age (58). Thought you'd enjoy hearing that since I attribute part of it to low carbing.

Submitted by: Janis

Looks like low-carbing is still working for her and keeping her healthy better than the failed low-fat diet ever could!

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