Thursday, May 04, 2006

More anti-low-carb insanity

More anti-low-carb insanity from people who have never looked at the subject and believe the media uncritically. It's clear they have never read a single book on the subject - or a single study. Some probably get their information from the PCRM ("Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine"), a vegan nut group affiliated with PETA.

Anyway, take a look at this recent low-carb bashing I stumbled across.

Woman goes back to low-fat diet, anti-low-carbers rejoice

Of course I had to say something. People are welcome to do the diet of their choice, but when they start telling lies about low-carb (that they honestly believe are true), then I can no longer remain silent. People hate me for it, but truth is truth and I call it like I see it, with facts and studies to back up my claims.

Don't mess with me, lol - I've put some research into this! Atkins is NOT about unlimited meat, cheese, and eggs. In fact, a study showed that most people on a low-carb diet double their vegetable intake.

And the one question that no one has yet been able to answer: I eat a pound of vegetables a day on Atkins. What's unhealthy about that?

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