Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gaining 1/4 pound a week

Yep...just ran the numbers on FitDay today and over the last two months I have gained an average of 0.2 pounds a week. Looking at only the last month it's even worse - 0.3 pounds a week gained. And over just the last two weeks 1 whole pound gained a week (!).

ARGH! I've cut my calories so I should be losing (but am not) and it's not muscle because I can only get to the gym twice a week to do weight training. Plus my jeans aren't any looser. I really don't understand how I can be gaining. I've begun walking the last leg to work, yet still I gain.

The hunger is still there today. I think the Metabolife has stopped working and it's time to try something else. My lunch did nothing to alleviate my hunger. And I am craving bad carbs. My body is screaming for them now. At Starbucks earlier I wanted to give in and get one of their carby snacks, but settled for just an unsweetened iced green tea.

So I'm dealing with two problems. Hunger for any food, good or bad, and craving for bad food in particular.

Was able to walk to work from BART. Took 27 minutes today and FitDay says 81 calories.

Should be able to make it to the gym three times next week, but two of those days are consecutive, which will mean I won't be able to push myself as hard as I'd like on the weight training the second day.

Yesterday's calories were 1764 and today will be higher. Oh well.

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Magnum Serpentine said...

Nice blog, good to see you again :)

Tersie said...

I love the focus of your blog. I want to read more of it, but am at work right now. Maybe this weekend. :)

Isn't it frustrating to do everything you're supposed to do and still see no positive progress on the weight loss front? I've been there. I'm not losing a lot now, but I have to admit, I'm not putting a lot of effort into it either!

Tell me, does your attention feel pulled in different directions, trying to focus on weight loss and focusing on growing as a Christian? I feel like I only have so much energy to focus and when I devote time and energy to one, I'm neglecting the other. That's why I find your blog so interesting. You seem to be doing a good job of focusing on both.

Sorry this is so long. I can get wordy at times! Thanks for stopping by our (hubby's and mine) blog and leaving a comment. I hope you can stop by again for a visit sometime!

Newbirth said...

Hey Mag! Good to see you! I got your e-mail and WILL answer you soon. (((huggles)))