Monday, May 08, 2006, take 4

Just a quite update on Steve. He's in New Jersey, expected in New York by May 9th!


Want to walk to NYC with Steve?

Meeting Place: Leaving from the north walkway of the George Washington Bridge at 6pm on May 9th.

MEDIA ADVISORY May 8, 2006 [...]

Pedestrian and automotive safety has become a primary concern as Steve travels through New Jersey and into New York tomorrow. The George Washington Bridge is a highly congested area, especially so during his anticipated time of crossing and it would be unfortunate if traffic was impeded however unintentionally in any way. Further, the Port Authority has indicated that for security purposes photography will not be permitted on the property.

In the interest of safety Steve will not be able to conclude his walk with a brief press conference as originally hoped. Again, your understanding is appreciated.


He's also lost about 100 pounds on his journey, starting at 409 and now around 308. He had gotten down to 280, but then put some weight back on. I hope he can keep it off once this is over and he flies home. You can do it, Steve!

Way to go, Steve! Keep up the good work and congratualations on completing this HUGE endeavor!

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