Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sabbaths and Sundays, Common Arguments, #3

Claim: Jesus rose on Sunday so that's why we celebrate on Sunday.

Yes, Jesus rose from the grave on Sunday. I won't argue that point, though I know some people will argue for a Saturday afternoon resurrection. Anyway, my point is that we are not told by Jesus, the apostles, or any other Biblical writer, that the day of rest and worship is to change because Jesus rose on Sunday.

Jesus talked to His disciples many times after His resurrection. That would have been the perfect time to say, "Look, I know you have always rested and worshipped on Saturday. But I give you a new commandment. The Sabbath shall now be Sunday." Surely the Gospel writers would not have failed to write down something that important! If Jesus or any of the writers of the New Testament writers had ANY such command, I'd be resting Sunday! In the absence of any Biblical mandate, however, I have to conclude that the Sunday Sabbath is the tradition of men.

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