Saturday, May 06, 2006

Are you a lion or a witch?

21 - 50EdmundYour instincts are good overall, but you are easily tempted to focus on yourself at the expense of others. You can be impulsive and not think through the consequences of pursuing what you want. You are Edmund, who mocked Lucy when she first told of visiting Narnia, who later fell prey to the temptations of Turkish Delight, before realizing his mistakes and becoming Edmund the Just.
51 - 75Mr. TumnusYou do a lot of good for other people, but often are stymied by fear of repercussions or what others will think. You pursue your own needs and goals but also make time for others. You are Mr. Tumnus, the faun who intends to kidnap Lucy for the Witch but realizes he shouldn't.

I got 56 (out of 120), just a few points above Edmund.  I will point out that in another Narnia test about which character I was, I did come out as Edmund.

Are you a lion or a witch?

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diamondwife said...

Hey, good quiz. I'm Lucy.