Monday, May 01, 2006

Buy something today!

Today you get treated to one of my rare political posts.

Buy something you wouldn't normally buy. Show your support for those who immigrated legally, rather than came here illegally.

Let's show these lawbreakers that they cannot hold America hostage!

HOMESTEAD, Fla. - Illegal immigrants and their allies gathered Monday for marches, prayers and demonstrations on a planned national day of economic protest, boycotting work, school and shopping to show their importance to the country.

Full story here.

For my part I stopped at Starbucks and bought sparkling water and a Dannon yogurt, then went across the street to the gas station convenience store and bought a 32 oz. Diet Coke. Less than $5 spent, but if we all spent $5 more than planned today, we could show these illegals that we do not support breaking the law.

The best blogging I've seen so far on this is by Haggis Hunter:

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm an immigrant myself. I don't care where anyone comes from, nor does it matter what color or religion people are. As immigrants, we're all here as guests. I just happen to believe that guests should be invited into your home, and not just climb in through the windows and make themselves at home.


...(S)tart enforcing the law. I know that enforcing existing laws is a radical idea, but if we got serious about businesses hiring only legal immigrants, there would be no reason for people to come here.

All I can add to that is AMEN.

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Ryan said...

Thanks for the comments, I admire your Atkins efforts. One day I hope to lose my extra weight as well.

erudit said...

Good idea, Victoria. I agree that providing basic services and dignity for people is one thing, no matter what their legal status- and I sympathize greatly with the difficulties of immigration, having been an immigrant myself.

Excusing their breaking of the law is another thing. We should reserve "amnesty" for those whose lives are in imminent danger if they return home, and should reserve the rewards of citizenship to those who have shown they can accept its responsibilities, too. Number one on that list is respect for US law.