Sunday, May 07, 2006

Fat, fat, fat

This weekend:
Friday I bought The Purpose Driven Life Journal, and copied most of the entries in my blank journal into it. Finished that project on Saturday. Keeping up on the readings so far and taking notes as I go along. Friday night I Pay-Per-Viewed "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Quite dark and quite long (2 1/2 hours). Voldemorte comes back to life and now has the power to hurt Harry.

Saturday at church Jane gave me an old denim skirt of hers. It's a size 8 and fits perfectly. :) I gave away my old one because it was too big and the slit up the front made it too revealing anyway. I'm glad to have a more modest one that fits my new smaller body. :)

Way overdid it food-wise yesterday. Yours truly has a tad of a hangover today and is dealing with the residuals of eating too many sugar free Oreos last night. Went out to dinner with Brad and Regina and Abraham to celebrate my 10th birthday as a Christian. Had two glasses of wine (one white, one red) and an Atkins-friendly meal with just a couple cheat bites. Not too bad and I wouldn't be unhappy if it ended there.

But it didn't.

When I got home I had some more wine and it was too much for me. So now I have a bit of a hangover. I also (for the second time) ate most of a box of sugar free Oreos and only left about 4 cookies. I have no idea how many calories and carbs I ate yesterday, but I just threw 3000 calories and 200 carbs up on FitDay for the hell of it. Trying to drink lots of water and tea today to help flush my system. I probably won't want my glass of wine tonight. Blech. Sorry if I disappointed anyone. Sometimes I do slip and fall on this journey of life.

At any rate, I feel like I undid weeks of hard work with yesterday. :(

Was able to walk the last leg to work today and it's really nice out. I hope the Bay To Breakers race in two weeks is as nice! The walk today took me 25 minutes, and FitDay say 75 calories burned. It'll take A LOT of walks to work to make up for last night! Stopped at Starbucks for a double espresso. What a rip off! $1.65 for this tiny little amount of beverage. :-p

Should be able to make it to the gym tomorrow. Looks like I'll get two workouts in this week.

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Leigh said...

Hmmm - you only undo weeks of hard work if you don't get right back on induction for a bit. Stuff like this happens - we learn from it. You'll be fine! ;-)

Nice blog - thanks for stopping by mine.